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Therese Hering
Welcome to Meals Made Simple
If you 're here, you are likely curious about what a personal chef service can offer and if it is something affordable for you or your family. Well, welcome to Meals Made Simple! Let me introduce myself, the service and why it’s exactly what you are looking for.

Meals Made Simple is an affordable personalized chef service for all of your daily and special event meals. This is real home cooking, done in your home and based on your budget. Meals Made Simple is a personal chef service that does the entire menu planning, food shopping, cooking and clean-up for you. You simply choose what you want to eat for dinner that night and within minutes it is hot and ready to serve.

Here’s the best part. Meals Made Simple is customized specifically to your needs – your budget, your taste preferences and your schedule. If you are looking for a healthy solution to your busy life, this is it!  Choosing to sit down to healthier meals is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family.  

1. A complimentary, no-obligation consultation is scheduled where we discusss your taste preferences, any allergies or special dietary needs and the services that will best suit your needs. I'll create a customized menu for your approval and from there we can schedule a cook date.  The menu options are extensive and will please even your picky eaters. I enjoy special requests and will gladly prepare any of your family’s special recipes.

2. On your scheduled service date, I shop for the freshest ingredients, local when available and organic when requested and bring all my own equipment to your home to prepare the meals you selected.  All ingredients are free of preservatives and additives and focus on whole foods.  All meat and produce is purchased the day of your service so it’s guaranteed fresh. Each meal is prepared to your taste preferences and special dietary needs. 

3. Your home cooked meals are then stored in containers of your choosing -  either in family size, individual, or dinner for two portions. I offer both fresh and frozen service or a combination based on your lifestyle. Fresh service provides meals that will be stored in the refrigerator and eaten within a few days whereas frozen service provides meals that will be kept in the freezer for longer storage. Each container is labeled with name of entree,  date and clear heating instructions are given for each entree.

4. You return home to the wonderful aromas of home cooked, hearty meals, a full fridge and a clean kitchen. Your meals are ready to serve and enjoy in minutes. 

The cost of the service will depend on the menu selected and specific needs of the client. Pricing varies depending on the number of entrees and servings prepared. The cost of groceries and containers is not included in the service price allowing you to maximize control over the final costs of your menu plan. A typical weekly meal plan for a family of four is $180 (plus grocery cost). There are many options available so let me show you how this can work for you!

  • All entrees are served with an appropriate side dish.
  • Extra side dishes are available for an additional fee per serving plus the cost of groceries.
  • Cost of groceries is NOT included in the service fee.
  • The type and cost of containers to be used are based on the preferred method of meal storage and will be discussed during the client consultation. 
  • Fee and grocery deposit are due and payable in advance to reserve the cook date. Each cook date the grocery deposit is adjusted to reflect the actual costs and the balance is either reimbursed or due upon completion of service.

Meals Made Simple proudly serves Snohomish and Lower Skagit County.

"Cooking is like love - it should be entered into with abandon or not at all."
 - Kitchen Graffiti

Welcome To Meals Made Simple